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Community Calendar

 UPDATED 04/09/2014
 Upcoming events, barter faires and rainbow gatherings that I know of (gatherings that have not been announced officially or have been in the works but not yet consented in circle are marked Rumored. Stay tuned for an invite before committing to them):
 March 30-April 29 German Spring Rainbow Gathering
 March 30-April 30 Austrian Spring Healing Gathering
 April 1-30 Colombia Rainbow Gathering
April 4-24 Israel Spring Gathering
 April 7-29 Italian Spring Rainbow Gathering
 April 9-23ish: Arizona Earthday Gathering
 April 18-20 Preseason Barter Faire, Springdale WA
 April 17-27: Indiana 420 Gathering
 April 20-May 4 Texas Healing gathering
 April 25-May 4ish: Rumored California gathering
 April 25-May 4: Alabama gathering
 April 29-May 28 Portugal Rainbow Gathering
 May 3: Party at Ripple Ranch, Montana
 May 9 Benefit for All Ways Free newspaper, featuring Fantuzzi, Sebastopol CA
 May 9ish-11ish Flowery Trail Faire
 May 18-25: Cumberland rainbow gathering in Kentucky
 May 26-June 26 Rainbow Gathering en Borneo
 Late May/June: Mudder Earth hosted private healing retreat, SOBER DETOX campout in northern California
 Early June: Oregon regional rainbow gathering
 June 1-14 Midwest Gathering in Iowa
 June 6-8 Valley of Dreams Barter Faire, Chewelah, WA
 June 12ish-22ish: Katuah regional rainbow gathering
 June 14 Spring Council
 June 20-22 Hope Mountain Barter Faire, Cave Junction OR
 June 27-July 26 South Africa Rainbow Gathering
 June 27-July 27 Belarus Rainbow Gathering
 June 27-July 27 Hungary Rainbow Gathering
 July 1-7 Annual Rainbow Gathering Nevada/Utah
 July 3-7 AGOTT (peaceable assembly in Missouri)
 July 4-13 Nova Scotia rainbow gathering
 July 25-August 7: Rumored Maine-bow gathering
 July 26-August 25 European Gathering in Romania
 July 31-August 3 Occupy National Gathering (not a rainbow event but a free noncommercial peaceable assembly), Sacramento CA
 August 4-14: Autonomous Mutant Festival, Oregon or Washington (not a rainbow gathering, but a burning-man style free noncommercial peaceable assembly on public land)
 August 8-18 Vermont Gathering
 August 15-24 Rumored Wisconsin gathering
 August 25-Sept 26 World Gathering in Hungary
 Sept 6ish-7ish Santa Barter Faire, Northern Idaho
 September 19ish-28ish Heartland Gathering, KY
 October 3-13 Shawnee Gathering, Illinois
 October 17ish-19ish Okanogan Family Faire, WA
 October 24-Nov 22 Israel Gathering
 November 27-30 Thanksgiving Council
 December 19-26 Black Sheep Solstice Gathering, southern CA
 December 22-Jan 20 Ethiopean Rainbow Peace Gathering 2015

 Gatherings possibly in the works but as of yet without dates figured out yet:
 Colorado, Washington. Both looking at late summer/early fall possible dates.


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