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 UPDATED 01/24/2015
 Upcoming events, barter faires and rainbow gatherings that I know of (gatherings that have not been announced officially or have been in the works but not yet consented in circle are marked Rumored. Stay tuned for an invite before committing to them):

Well this is not a FORMAL Rainbow gathering event nor place, but we are rainbow family and own 5 acres of off grid land in southern MO ozarks. We are called the Shikata Homestead, which means, "The way" and we welcome family to camp on site and to even set up extended camps. We just as that no illegal activities take place such as drugs, because this is our home too In fact, this has been announced just today: https://www.facebook.com/events/762228800534388/ Probably as close to a RB gathering we are going to get in early Spring, 20th....DAY ONE MAN! Come sign up, I am itching to sit with family around the fire listening to the owls and coyotes sing to us!

 December 22-Jan 20 Ethiopean Rainbow Peace Gathering 2015

 Gatherings possibly in the works but as of yet without dates figured out yet:
 Colorado, Washington. Both looking at late summer/early fall possible dates.


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